About Baby Station

We all know that packing for an outing with your little one is no mean feat… the nappies, the wipes, the dummies, the water bottles, the endless snacks…the list goes on…and on.

Sometimes, despite your best planning, you just don’t pack enough of the items you need for your baby or child. We know. We’ve been there! Too many messy and frustrating times!

That’s why Baby Station was created.

Baby Station vending machines are stocked with all of the essential items you need for children aged 0-5 years:

  • nappies, wipes and creams;
  • change mats;
  • bottles and formula;
  • snacks (all gluten-free and rated AMBER on the Healthy School Canteen list);
  • drinks;
  • even novelty items and toys, to keep your little one occupied and happy.
Our Machines

About Rachel

Hi, I’m Rachel. I am a mum with 3 active little boys, a demanding cat, an exhausted husband, a messy house and a part-time job. Yep, life is hectic.

When we are on the go, my nappy bag becomes my survival kit. 

Sometimes, despite my best efforts to be organised, I forget the essentials or simply don’t pack enough.  

Too many times, an outing has been sabotaged by a lost dummy, a nappy explosion or a hungry child. 

Exit family fun. Enter stress and tears – usually mine!

It was after one such event that I realised that there had to be an easier way when out and about with kids.. 

That is why I created Baby Station – Australia’s first vending service selling all the essential products for children 0-5 years. 

Please enjoy Baby Station…and your time away from home with your family. 

Rachel xx

Our Machines