“Baby Station is Australia’s first vending service for baby essentials. Baby Station provides trusted baby care products when and where parents need them with their children. Baby Station is an innovative concept designed to support parents and carers with young children when they are out and about”.

Yes. Yes. Yep.  That’s 100% true.

Baby Station is here to support families! But really, it’s more than just selling nappies for me.

You see, I have 3 children.

3 delicious little boys.

3 cheeky little monkeys who lost their dummies, got runny noses with monotonous regularity, and filled their nappies at inopportune times. like when we were out and about

It all started off pretty simply. I had a baby. Awesome. Yay me!

Then I received the baby bonus, literally, and found myself with twins. TWINS! Yes, I was the proud owner of 3 little boys under the age of 2.

Gone were the days of a quick pop out to the shops. I barely got out of my PJ’s let alone out the front door for the first 6 months!

Look, I did my best. I tried to make sure that I restocked the nappy bag, over and over again. But sometimes, I just couldn’t keep up with my offspring’s output – literally! Outings were often just one step away from disaster as I always seemed to forget this or didn’t pack enough of that. I would beat myself up and feel inadequate, disorganised and essentially a crap mum because I wasn’t the perfect mum with a perfectly packed nappy bag. It seems crazy now. But when you are in the midst of nappies and crying babies, you just want a bit of help and support.

The support I want to provide to parents (particularly mums) is more than just selling you a nappy. It’s about making your parenting life just that bit easier. It’s a reminder that you are NOT a crap mum. You just ran out of nappies. Buy one, move on. Enjoy your day out.

So, next time you run out of a baby product, remember the Baby Station motto – You are NOT a crap mum.

Yours nappily,